About me.

I was born in a small town in Wales where everyone sings, and my own family was no exception. I sang in church, we sang at home, I sang in school and competed at music festivals called Eisteddfodau at which I won a lot of first prizes. When I left school I went to Cardiff University and took a degree in English and Music, followed by a diploma in Education, and sang solo at all the concerts and oratorios.

After teaching English for a year I went to the Royal College of Music in London where I was awarded scholarships to study singing properly. Then I won a scholarship to study in Vienna for two years, where I also learned to speak German and graduated with distinction in Lieder and Oratorio.

I was engaged at the Welsh National Opera after that, and toured as Adina in "L' Elisir d'Amore"by Donizetti. Many engagements in concerts and oratorio performances followed and I moved to London where I free-lanced for the next few years, performing Lieder Recitals at Music Clubs and Universities, also for the BBC, singing in Operas and singing solo parts in all the major oratorios across the country. My work took me all over Europe and I sang in Belgium, France, Italy , Austria, Germany, Hungary, etc. I also had a lot of experience in singing Early Music e.g. with Roger Norrington, Rene Clemencic and John Eliot Gardiner.

I moved back to Vienna in 1981 after marrying my professor, Wolfgang Gabriel, and carried on singing here and in the rest of Europe for a couple of years.
When our daughter arrived I was so besotted with her that I couldn't bear to travel and leave her, and so I decided to restrict my travel and just do the concerts that were nearer home.

At this stage my first pupils arrived. I found that I just loved to teach and had a gift for it, so for the last twenty years or so I have been gradually singing less and teaching more. My pupils have come from all over the world to Vienna, as far afield as Australia, Japan, Canada, USA, Korea, Tai-wan and all European lands. I have also taught in many courses abroad, annually in Japan for many years and also in Finland and Spain.

It is a fascinating experience to work on voices from such different backgrounds. Most of my students have been professional singers or advanced students in that field, but I have also found time for people who like to sing as a hobby and found other ways of earning a living. Most of my former students are singing and teaching themselves in many parts of the world. Several of them come back for short periods of work with me when they have new roles to study. Other students come to Vienna for short intensive courses instead of extended study.

Over the years I developed my own method of voice teaching which I call "Bodysinging" because it is based upon the relationship of the larynx to the rest of the body, and I came to it when I was studying Alexander technique with Jean Gibson in London, combined with voice lessons from Jessica Cash. You can find out more detail about this under "My method" and "Questions and Answers".