Are you interested in perfecting your vocal technique and working on your repertoire through "Bodysinging"?

Why not come for a consultation lesson? I will listen to your voice, hear about your problems and wishes and then show you how I would go about setting up a work programme individually to cater for your own needs. We would work together on your voice and decide whether we are suited to each other as a team.

If you decide to take regular lessons, you will be offered the possibility of attending an extra workshop every week in a group, free of any extra charge, so you will be having two sessions weekly for the price of one. These Bodywork lessons are an important part of my programme. You will learn how to train your breathing with simple exercises, and how to balance out your body and breath to provide maximum support for your voice and learn to eliminate tensions that may be blocking your vocal flow. You will learn how to sing a beautifully supported piano, or a full forte without forcing it.

"Bodysinging" has helped hundreds of singers over the past 25 years to find their natural unforced vocal potential.

If you are interested, get in touch and we will get to work!