Over the past twenty years I have developed my teaching method, and I am a firm believer that breathing correctly is the key to good vocal technique.

Therefore my lessons are twofold. Every student receives two lesson units a week, one in a group for bodywork, concentrating on centering, posture, movement and simple breathing gymnastics, and one for solo singing where the principles learned in the group are put into practice vocally, while working on repertoire. The repertoire you learn will be your own choice, whatever interests you most, whether Art Song, Early Music, Oratorio ,Opera or Musicals.

My husband, Prof. Wolfgang Gabriel, who was musical director of the Opera School at the Vienna Hochschule for many years, often makes himself available for accompanying lessons and coaching.

You, the singer are your own instrument, and you will learn how to connect your larynx to the rest of your body, supporting your voice in a completely natural way. “Bodysinging” releases tensions which impair the tone quality and makes singing hard work. Singing becomes easy, and your voice will blossom through all registers, you will learn to sing high notes without pressing them and low notes without growling!
I concentrate on blending the registers and finding a consistency of tone which is instrumental, and does not change colour with every vowel. “Bodysinging” makes the articulation of consonants easy as well, so that your diction will be crisp and clear.

I teach Voice at all levels from Beginners to advanced Students and Professionals who have run into problems, and enjoy problem-solving very much!