Singing Holidays in Vienna.


Throughout the year, Vienna is a very interesting and beautiful city to visit, the Mecca of European Music, irresistibly associated with so many great composers and musicians in history. Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer are all good times to visit Vienna for different reasons. Autumn is mild and sunny, the beginning of the concert season. Winter is crisp and chilly with magical Christmas markets and open-air concerts during Advent. Spring is full of blossoms and music, and summer has its own delights including swimming in the Danube, and many open-air operas, concerts and cinema events, though the State Opera is closed in July and August. Compared to other European capitals, Vienna is still reasonably priced with regard to accommodation, train fares, eating out and very cheap standing- room at the opera (2-3.50). There is a good youth hostel near where I live which several people have stayed in, and I can help out with finding suitable accommodation for singers visiting for intensive tuition. My lesson fees are also very reasonable, and I want them to stay that way so I can help as many singers as possible on their path in life.
Already in early 2008 singers from Canada, Paris, Japan and the UK have enjoyed their intensive-study periods with lessons in the morning, sight-seeing in the afternoon and concerts or opera in the evening.

Contact me if you fancy a break in Vienna combined with intensive singing lessons!